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TAGDit. Shared ideas. Trustworthy answers.

Great Leadership

Business’, political parties and organizations tend to be run using a top down leadership approach, where a small number of people have the largest voice… but surely tapping into the mastermind of the entire group would be far more effective, as there would be so much more information available from the multitude of perspectives.

Great leadership is about creating a world in which people want to belong. To do this every one, in every role, at every level, needs to have a voice that will be heard. After all, innovation takes a village.

The Group’s Mastermind

So what about removing the typical structure, and creating a new kind of group:

  • Where each person’s skills and attributes are highlighted, so every position is filled by the person most suited to it, and both the individual and the group can reach their full potential.

  • Where leaders naturally rise to the top through the trust of others and the sharing of their own knowledge and skills.

  • Where there is a collective memory bank containing the genius of past and present members. A brain that can be tapped into for answers one can trust.

Just think of the innovation and strength that would come from this alternative structure. This would change everything…. and so we’ve developed TAGDit, a platform to offer tools that will create this kind of adaptable, ever-growing organism.

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Measures Trust

Transferred votes and post ratings offer a measurement of trust, one of the most valuable assets of all.

A new way to quantify trust

Trust has been one of the intangible assets which has been particularly difficult to quantify until now … but through algorithms which gather data on interactions within the group, vote transfers, information shared and posts rated, one can start to measure this previously unquantifiable asset.

Group Memory Bank

Sharing everyone’s research and ideas in one big bank of knowledge, and the best thing is, if people leave, their ingenuity stays!

Information Free For All

Intellectual property is normally locked away in the minds of the individuals. By sharing this into the group brain, this can be stored and accessed by anyone at any point. It also means that it is continuously grows over time.

Better Decisions

Algorithms pull together information based on the ideas and interactions of your group organism, with all this information at your fingertips, decision making becomes easy.

Quick decisions

Access to ideas and feedback from all members of your group – in every position, at every level, offers a unique overall view from which to make informed decisions.

Self-directed Teams

Shift from a top down leadership, to an organized network with shared the responsibilities.

Horizontal leadership

Individual’s skills and passions are highlighted, and so people’s roles naturally appear. The boosted communication and information access, creates an opportunity transition to a self-directed team model.

Highlights Leaders

As votes are transferred, and people’s passions and skills are shared, leaders stand out, and can be matched to open positions.

Natural Leaders Percolate to the Top

A vote transfer equals a measurement of trust in an individual with reference to a particular subject. Information posts shared; interactions between group members, as well as the anonymous voting platform, also offer useful feedback from all levels within the group.

Equal Say

Post a question, and get input from the whole group, with each person’s voice being equally heard.

Everyone gets an equal vote

Empower the group, by empowering its members. By giving everyone an equal vote, the group and topics raised can be looked at from many facets. With all this added information available, a clear overview is visible. And if someone doesn’t have knowledge on a certain topic, they can transfer their vote to another member.

Collective Intelligence

No more working in isolation and reinventing the wheel, with TAGDit, everyone’s brilliance becomes a shared resource. Specialized topics can be difficult to find information on, but with a group brain these are made easily accessible. Think of all that boosted mind power as well as the time you will save.

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With all the perspectives and unique ways of thinking that will have been fed into TAGDit, it will offer a wealth of ideas, inspiration and ultimately innovation.


Thinking patterns can keep one going in circles, but bouncing ideas sparks new thought patterns and innovation.

Welcome Newcomers

We all know what it’s like to be the new guy, so many questions, so few answers … until now. TAGDit helps newcomers settle in, by giving them a bank of answers, and a platform that is easy to connect on.

A soft landing

Easily find common ground with people and connect to other newcomers. This group facilitation tool makes interaction easy.

Increased Revenue

Increasing social capital leads to greater wealth, so with this great tool you can boost your bottom line.

Higher profits

An adaptive team that works well together, will be more productive. The sharing culture that TAGDit creates builds trust and connectivity between its members.

Income Generation

Money for nothing…. An advertising slot amongst your posts generates passive income with each impression.

Easy earning

Adwords is a widely used income generation tool which you too can now benefit from.

Group Culture

Track the trends so you can better understand the experience, attitudes, habits and behaviors of your group and its members.

Get to know the group

By understanding the group culture, one is more informed to make decisions that better serve the team’s goals and its members.

Marketing Material

No need to go to every individual for the latest news stories, now there’s a great resource of top quality information that can be tapped into for your marketing.

Put your best foot forward

The bank of information offers continuously updated information that can be used in your public relations.